• How to Set Up a VPN on iPhone?

    A virtual private network (VPN) allows public Internet connect to a private network. You can reach resources directly and the information on the network is completely encrypted by using a VPN connection. Don’t worry, a VPN client runs well in iPhone--L2TP, PPTP, and IPSec VPN support are all designed right into iOS. How to set up a VPN connection on your iPhone? Just a few simple steps would easily help you:


    • Step1: Tab Settings--General--Network--VPN.
    • Step2: Choose the Add VPN Configuration button.
    • Step3: There are three tabs on the top--L2TP, PPTP, IPSec. You need to choose which type of configuration you want to connect. You can choose the same one as your computer if you have set up a VPN on your PC, or ask your network administrator or IT person of your company for advice.
    • Step4: Enter the information in the table, including Description, Server and Account. Create a password if you feel it is necessary to have one. You will be required to enter it every time you log in you VPN account.
    • Step5: If you need a proxy, enable it towards the bottom of the setting page.
    • Step6: Tap the Save bottom in the upper right corner to save your settings.
    • Step7: Turn VPN on. After a VPN has set up on your iPhone, a VPN option will show on the Settings page. Switch the bottom to On to open VPN connection. If a VPN icon appears in the status bar, it means you have connected to a VPN connection successfully. If it shows errors when connected, go back to the VPN settings to double check all the information you entered. If the error persists, please contact your network administrator or IT person of your company for help.
    • Step8: Turn VPN off. Go to your Setting page, switch the VPN bottom to Off.

    Hit here for a vid guide at YouTube.

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